Hochwertiger Innenausbau von Tischlerei / Manufaktur Viethen


The Organic Trace concept

The next step in the evolution of the lifestyle trend of "bleisure", the blurring of the lines between work and pleasure.

JOI-Design has developed a prototype that addresses the yin and yang balance of travellers who mix their work with pleasure. JOI's design of a "wellness island" integrates a bed, desk and soaking tub into one organically shaped unit. This "hypermodern" sinuous sculpture melts two comfort zones into one. The plush bed and jacuzzi tub create a hybrid of wellness and relaxation that is bridged by an arc which forms the desk. The fluidity of its sculptural shape and concept is enhanced by the wave-like flow in the curved walls, space plan and patterned carpet.

Viethen.com is commissioned and authorized to realize it.

Everything in this Room-concept is made of solid surfaces. This acrylic stone is available in a huge range of colours. It is deep-drawable and famous for its jointless manufacturing.

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Hotelzimmer der Zukunft

Idee & Entwurf - JOI-Design, Hamburg

Material - Mineralwerkstoff

Realisation - Viethen.com